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Nearly €20 million in contention as Chad arrests top oil sector, banking officials



An investigation into embezzlement at the national oil company in Chad has led to the arrest of a group of senior officials from Chad’s oil and banking sectors.

According to the government, the arrest has been on over the past 10 days.

The Minister of Communication and government spokesman, Abderaman Koulamallah on Sunday said the embezzlement of 13 billion CFA francs (nearly 20 million euros) within the Chadian oil company (SHT) and the National Security Agency (ANS), the internal and external intelligence services, is conducting the investigation.

Among those arrested is the former private secretary of General Mahamat Déby, Idriss Youssouf Boy. Michel Boayam and Tahir Issa Ali Souleymane were also questioned in the framework of the investigation.

“Many people have been arrested and some have been released as part of the investigation into financial misappropriations of 13 billion CFA francs at the SHT.

“The case is currently being handled by the judiciary” and some of the defendants will eventually be presented to a judge at the end of the preliminary investigation, the spokesman added, without giving any details of the charges.” Koulamallah told journalists.

Chad is a modest oil producer, with 47 million barrels in 2021, The central African country joined the circle of African oil producing and exporting countries in the early 2000s and its economy is now very dependent on it.

It is not uncommon to identify corrupt trend in oil sector in Africa. Report says the 2005–2014 oil boom raised incentives for corruption across the oil industry’s value chain. A highly diverse set of private sector actors engaged in corrupt behavior.

Chad’s neighbour, Nigeria, who is also Africa’s largest oil producer, is perhaps the biggest reference to corruption in oil sector in the continent. Efforts from the Nigerian government to investigate and curtail the ill can be traced to the 1950s during the Olusegun Obasanjo military regime. A panel of enquiry was set up to investigate a Two Billion, Eight Hundred Thousand Naira fraud which could not be accounted for by the NNPC.

The cases of corruption in the sector once again raises question if the liquid tressure has been a blessing or curse to the “black continent.”


ICC issues arrest warrant on former CAR rebel leader, Noureddine Adam



A ferocious rebel leader in the Central African Republic, Noureddine Adam, has been declared wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC), which issued an international arrest warrant on him.

The international warrant which was previously sealed and dated back to January 2019, was opened on Tuesday and states that Adam is wanted on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity, including torture and murder.

According to the ICC, Adam’s warrant is consistent with the body “seeking to target the highest-ranking rebel leaders responsible for atrocities in the Central African Republic.

Adam who was the number two leader of Seleka, a deadly rebel group in the country which became ferocious in 2013, is reputed to have caused the deaths of over 100,000 people.

The Seleka rebel group was one of the first of several militant groups to emerge in the Central African Republic and was accused of sundry crimes against humanity including murder, torture and rape.

Another Seleka commander, Mahamat Said Abdel Kan, is also facing charges at the ICC with his trial scheduled to begin in September.

But the ICC noted that Said did not have the same level of command that Adam held during the Seleka’s reign of terror.

As the leader of the group, Adam was one of the first militant leaders to arrive in the capital, Bangui, when the rebels took the city, and became the Minister of Public Security, and later National Security Advisor.

In 2014, he fled Bangui with the rest of the Seleka, and has since moved between Sudan, Chad, and the Central African Republic.

After he fled Bangui, Adam reportedly took command of other armed groups, emerging as a prime example of how abusive leaders who enjoy impunity continue to commit crimes and is reported to be hiding in Sudan.

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US air strikes targets al-Shabaab Islamists in Somalia



Several US air strikes have taken out several al-Shabaab commanders and their strongholds in Somalia, according to state media reports on Wednesday.

A statement by Somalia state own media said US military carried out air strikes against the al-Shabaab fighters in the central Hiran region on Tuesday, killing several fighters and their commanders.

The report said the air strikes followed a request from the Somali government following renewed attacks by the rebel group in different parts of the country.

A statement by the US-Africa Command based in the Horn of Africa country said airstrikes in June and July killed seven jihadist fighters flatter an increased in attacks on government targets in recent months by the insurgents.

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