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South African police ‘rescue’ lady from Nigerian Pastor

A Nigerian Pastor, Peterside Idah, who once played for the Nigerian national football team, and now resides in South Africa, has been fingered in a row involving a South African lady



A Nigerian Pastor, Peterside Idah, who once played for the Nigerian national football team, and now resides in South Africa, has been fingered in a row involving a South African lady.

Police in Gauteng, South Africa, say they have rescued a young woman from the home of the ex-Nigerian goalkeeper- turned pastor. The ‘rescue’ came after the lady’s mother, Suzan Mabelane, claimed her daughter was held against her will.

Mabelane claims that her 21-year-old daughter Pabalelo, started acting strangely since joining Peterside’s Christ Ambassador Church last December.

According to Mabelane, Peterside accused her and her mother of witchcraft, claiming they tried to introduce her daughter to witchcraft practices, an allegation which they both denied.

Sources say that Peterside went as far as deposing an affidavit at the Kempton Park police station appointing himself as the girl’s legal guardian, allegedly without the mother’s consent.

In a copy of the affidavit, Peterside wrote that he was staying with Mabelane’s daughter Pabalelo.

However, Mabelane alleged that the pastor had hypnotised her daughter and that she no longer wanted anything to do with her family.

“Imagine not knowing or seeing your daughter for five months and when you find out where she is, a pastor tells you that she is no longer your child. The worst thing was when he called me a witch because I was asking him to give me my child back.” said Mabelane.

“She asked me to give her R8 000 to pay a deposit for a flat but when I asked her how she was going to pay rent, she said God will provide. That’s when I started to get worried,” she added.

The police would have none of it and ordered Pabalelo to pack her bags.

Police spokesman Kay Makhubele confirmed that the provincial police commissioner had instructed police to intervene in the squabble between Peterside and Mabelane.

“The police successfully rescued a girl from a pastor’s house in Kempton Park …”
He said the police were now receiving conflicting stories, with the girl now claiming that she ran to the pastor’s house after her mother and her granny tried to force her to undergo traditional training to become a sangoma.

In his response, Pastor Peter side said:

“I don’t have to answer to you my friend [I am] a journalist, all I ask is do your job as a pro and do an investigation and make sure you come up with the truth ’cause you will meet me in court if you publish what is not the truth and I will keep our conversation as evidence.

If you are wise like I believe you are, call the police officer that came to my house and ask them what truth they found out, it will help you my friend. And pls, come to our church on Sunday and find out what kind of cult you think we are.

Pls, am blocking you know (sic). And am enjoying my football [in Russia]. If you need more info on what to write, my name is Idah Peterside I played for Morocca (sic) Swallows and Tembisa Classic and I played football for the Super Eagles of Nigeria, since you have been sent to tarnish the image I have built in South Africa for twenty years because of xenophobia.

Did I add that the police have called me to apologize because they found out that the woman is lying because I will open a case against them.

Is it wrong to be a foreigner in South Africa?”


Nigeria: Presidency warns against planned nationwide protest, accuses opposition



The Nigerian Presidency has warned against a planned nationwide protest scheduled to kick off on August 1, saying it could degenerate into anarchy.

Special Adviser to President Bola Tinubu on Information and Strategy, Bayo Onanuga, who gave the warning on Saturday, said those behind the planned protest want to destabilise the country, urging citizens to be very careful because they may not predict what could be the end of such action.

Onanuga also accused supporters of the Labour Party presidential candidate in the 2023 elections, Peter Obi, popularly called Obidients, of being behind the planned protest.

Onanuga who acknowledged that it is the right of people to protest in a democracy, he however cautioned those behind it to should be careful so that it will not be hijacked by people who would use the opportunity to cause problems.

“My post is just to highlight that the people who are organizing this so-called nationwide protest are members of Labour party, they are Peter Obi supporters, so that’s my own take of it, it’s my own opinion so I am not going to say more than this,” he said.

“That is their problem, I am not interested in what they want to do. I am just trying to say, look these are the people that are saying, we must do Kenya, so these are the people mobilizing, that is my own point.

“So, nobody is saying you must not protest, protest is legitimate in a democracy. The concern of people is that when you start a protest and it is not well managed, the end cannot be predicted just like people could not predict the end of EndSars.

“So, that’s just the concern of people. And again when you are saying revolution now, revolution now, do they know the meaning of revolution now? Revolution means you are calling for a coup d’etat, that’s the meaning of it and that’s the point that I am making, nothing more than that. So anybody can protest, it’s within their rights to protest, nobody says you should not protest.

“Check their handles and see what they are posting, just follow what they have been posting. What I did was to do content analysis of what these people are posting as a journalist,” the Presidential spokesman said.

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Over 10 million people displaced by Sudan war— IOM



The International Organization for Migration (IOM) reported that as the world’s worst displacement crisis worsens in Sudan, almost 10 million, which is about 20% of the country’s population, have been forced from their homes since the conflict there started.

This is the most recent alarming estimate from the nation in East Africa, which has been destroyed by fighting that started in April 2023. The majority of the nation, around 50 million people, are now in need of humanitarian help and half of them are experiencing starvation as a result of the war.

According to a bimonthly report from the IOM, since the start of the conflict, over 2.2 million people have fled to foreign nations and about 7.8 million have sought safety within the nation. Previous conflicts in the country have already resulted in the displacement of an additional 2.8 million people.

When fighting broke out between the army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in the capital city of Khartoum last year, it soon spread to the west throughout Darfur, with the RSF seizing control of most of the major cities.

Some UN experts have argued that the main cause of migration from Darfur—where it is impossible to provide aid—is now hunger rather than conflict.

“All refugees I met said the reason why they fled Sudan was hunger,” said World Health Organisation country director Dr. Shible Sahbani to reporters after visiting refugees from Darfur, the source of half of the displaced population, in Chad.

“A woman who just reached Adré reported that all food they used to produce locally in Darfur was taken by the fighters,” he added.

More than 150,000 people were displaced from Sennar state as the RSF extended its reach in the southeast of the nation in recent weeks, according to the IOM. Many of these individuals were relocated for the second or third time following RSF attacks on houses and marketplaces in the state’s minor towns and villages.

The RSF blames the activities of rogue actors and disputes that it has harmed civilians.

RSF forces have conducted incursions in Gedaref state, home to 668,000 people who are facing heavy rains and no shelter. This state is currently hosting a large number of displaced persons.

Human Rights Watch issued a warning last week about the risk of the RSF expanding into the Gedaref for the 40,000 Ethiopian refugees, most of whom are Tigrayans, who are alleged by the RSF to be fighting alongside the army.

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