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Watch as lucky African migrant is pulled out of Mediterranean Sea after makeshift boat sank – Video



An African migrant who decided to embark on the suicidal journey of crossing the Mediterranean Sea to Europe in a makeshift boat, was lucky as he was pulled out of the sea by a rescue ship, the Sea-Watch-3, which was called into action after the boat sank off the coast of Libya.

A video posted by Sea Watch on April 11, revealed five people with health problems, including two pregnant women, being evacuated from the vessel.

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Video: Africa must define its values internally – President Kagame



President Paul Kagame of Rwanda at the ongoing Commonwealth Head of Government Meeting (CHOG) in Kigali, the East African country’s capital, spoke in defense of African values, stressing the need for the continent to shape the narration of what is regarded as its values.

In this video, president Kagame insists Africans must defined its values internally and not rely on externalities to define it values.

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Video: Scores feared dead as over 2,000 African migrants attempt to cross to Melila, Spain



Over 2’000 mainly sub-Saharan migrants attempted to reach Melilla, Spain through its border with Morocco. Reports say at least eighteen people died in the mass action with many injured.

Hundreds of Moroccan officers were also reported injured when they clashed with the migrants, who attacked them them with forces of violence.

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Politics12 mins ago

Despite UN intervention, rival camps disagree over election framework in Libya

Negotiation between Libyan officials and rival camps on a constitutional framework for national elections has broken. The latest move by...

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DRC woman narrates how rebels abducted, raped, forced her to cook, eat human flesh

A Democratic Republic of Congo woman who was abducted twice by rebels, has narrated how the different groups raped her...

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Nigeria signs agreement with UK for deportation of illegal immigrants, ‘dangerous’ criminals

Nigeria and the United Kingdom have signed an agreement that will see the deportation of illegal Nigerian immigrants and ‘dangerous’...

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Ethiopia blames rebel fighters over deaths of 338 people in Oromiya region in June

The Ethiopian government has blamed rebels and militia fighters for the killing of 338 people in the Oromiya region in...

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Tunisia’s new draft constitution gives President Saied broad powers termed ‘presidentialisation’

The newly drafted constitution which Tunisian President Kais Saied commissioned after discarding the old one has given him the wide-ranging...

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Mali’s junta sets date for presidential elections. Will that stop ECOWAS sanction?

The military junta in Mali has adopted an electoral calendar with a presidential election set for February 2024. The transition plan was announced three days before...

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Sudanese Janjaweed mercenaries fighting for Libyan warlord agree to withdraw, return home

Seven Sudanese mercenaries who were members of the Janjaweed rebel forces fighting for Libyan warlord, Khalifa Haftar, have agreed to...

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Egyptian court sentences 10 Muslim Brotherhood members to death on terrorism charges

Ten members of the Muslim Brotherhood have been sentenced to death by an Egyptian court on Wednesday while 56 others...

Metro22 hours ago

Morocco/Spain deaths: African migrants deserve same treatment as Ukraine refugees – Kenya

Kenya has condemned the treatment of migrants in the deadly accident that killed and injured dozens last week in Melilla, at the...

Metro24 hours ago

African Union calls for caution as Sudan-Ethiopian border clash escalates

The African Union has called for caution and restraint as clashes between Ethiopia and Sudan in the disputed al-Fashaqa border...