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The More, the Merrier: Kenyan man dating triplets says he will do mass wedding – Video



A Kenyan man who made history last week when he announced that he is dating a set triplets, has revealed plans to marry them in a mass wedding soon.

The man who gave his name as Big Man Stevo, announced on Tuesday that when it’s time for him to marry the triplets, Evelyn Wanjiru, Mary Muthoni and Catherine Wanjiru,
he will hold a lavish mass wedding.

Big Man Stevo who is a famous YouTuber in the East African country, in an interview, confessed that he is a polygamous in nature, but a faithful man and that’s why he opted to start a relationship with the three sisters.

“I’m a polygamous but faithful, generous man, and everything about me comes big, even blessings; that’s why they call me Big Man Stevo. I tend to believe that my love was not meant for one girl and naturally, I was born a polygamous person and that everyone knows.

“I’m always honest and faithful and my exes before have been leaving because I tell them that I want to add one more; I don’t want to cheat, I want to add and coincidentally blessing just came my way when I wanted them,” Stevo said.

Stevo mentioned that he has been dating the three sisters for two months and is optimistic that the relationship will mature into one big family.

“Its barely two months and we are living a day at a time. We learn from one another; we are taking our time… I kiss and I don’t tell so expect surprises because I don’t like exposing my family so much,” he added.

“Why do people doubt the fact of me satisfying three ladies? There is no big deal. So for me just a week, they are three. Every Monday ni Mary, Tuesday ni Cate and Eve ni Wednesday. Then on weekend we meet all of us and have a good time.

“I will do a mass wedding,” Big Man Stevo said.

In an earlier interview, the identical triplets had narrated that they all have a timetable as to who spends the night with Stevo and on which day.

“The three of us, we are enough for him and we are not going to allow him to bring another one. So its three and it’s a happy family.

“This is the first time but there is another man who wanted us but we were not ready for a relationship so we told him no,” the triplets said.


Cattle hustlers kill 11, including eight police officers in North Kenya



At least 11 people, including eight police officers and a local chief, have been killed by suspected cattle rustlers in northern Kenya, police said.

The victims, according to the police report, were killed in the drought-stricken Turkana county rustlers whom they had been chasing after they had rustled several herds of cattle on Sunday.

In the statement, the county police said that a “criminal and cowardly ambush by cattle rustlers had taken place in Turkana county and while being pursued by officers and the locals, eight police officers, two civilians and one a local chief were killed.”

“The police officers who were killed had been pursuing members of the Pokot ethnic group who had attacked a village and fled with cattle,” the statement said.

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Egypt sends food aid, medical supplies to ‘Somali brethren’



The Egyptian government on Sunday, dispatched two military jets loaded with food aid and medical supplies to war-ravaged Somalia as “part of its continued support and solidarity with the brethren in country during crises and hard times,” a statement from the country’s Presidency said on Monday.

“Two military jets loaded with large quantities of aid headed to Somalia as per the directives of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi.

“The aid is an affirmation of the depth of historical ties and relations between Egypt and Somalia as well as Egypt’s leading role towards Africa during times of crisis,” the statement said.

The aid package, according to the Egyptian government, also included two military medical crews who will “participate at treating and transporting injured military forces in Somalia in the recent terroristic attacks there.”

“In addition, Egypt military medical sector set the required preparations for receiving the injured Somalian soldiers.

This is not the first time Egypt is playing the big brother in other countries especially those with Arabian ties as it has sent several medical aid shipments to Arab and African countries including Tunisia, Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and others, which they believe has the famed ‘brethren’ with them.

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Cattle hustlers kill 11, including eight police officers in North Kenya

At least 11 people, including eight police officers and a local chief, have been killed by suspected cattle rustlers in...

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Egypt sends food aid, medical supplies to ‘Somali brethren’

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