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Egyptian archaeologists discover ancient golden ornaments in Tel el-Amarna antiquities site



An Egyptian-English archaeological mission affiliated with the University of Cambridge, has discovered some ancient golden ornaments in the Tel el-Amarna Antiquities Area in El-Minya Governorate, the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mostafa Waziri, said in a statement.

Waziri who said the precious objects contained a group of gold ornaments which were uncovered during excavations in the Northern General Cemetery.

He stated that the mission has been working in the Northern General Cemetery since 2010 in an attempt to study the quality of food and common diseases, as well as the social and economic situation of the residents of the city of Akhetaton (Tel el-Amarna), which was the capital of Egypt during the era of King Akhenaten.

Also confirming, the Director General of Antiquities of Central Egypt, Gamal el-Samastawy, said that the gold ornaments consist of a ring decorated with a picture of the ancient Egyptian deity of fun, Bes, another ring decorated with hieroglyphs, and a small necklace of hollow gold beads.

“It is worth noting that Tel El-Amarna is considered one of the most important archaeological areas in Egypt, as it was the country’s capital during the era of King Akhenaten, who called for monotheism and the worship of one god, which he called Aten,” Waziri said.

“Akhenaten named the city Akhetaton which means the horizon of Aten. In the city, he established many religious buildings for the worship of Aten, such as the Great Temple and the Small Temple, in addition to royal palaces such as the Grand Palace and the King’s House, linked by a bridge crossing the royal road used by Akhenaten to pass from his residence to the seat of government.

Akhenaten also built the Northern Palace, known as Nefertiti Palace, as well as many large houses belonging to courtiers and senior statesmen.

“The area also houses 25 tombs carved in the eastern mountain for senior statesmen and priests. These are large tombs engraved with religious themes representing the art of Amarna,” he added.

This is in addition to the royal cemetery, which is similar in its layout to the tombs of the New Kingdom in the Valley of the Kings, and is located inside the mountain, 15 km to the east of the ancient city.


MohBad: Police arrests, detains Naira Marley over death of Afropop star



Operatives of the Nigerian police in Lagos have arrested and detained singer and label owner, Azeez Fashola,
also known as Naira Marley, in connection with the “suspicious” death of his former signee, Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as MohBad.

The arrest of Naira Marley was confirmed by the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Benjamin Hundeyin, who said it was in line with the avowed determination of the force to get to the root of the mysterious death of the 27-year-old MohBad who died on September 12.

Hundeyin, who made the announcement on his X account, said Naira Marley, who owns Marlin Record where MohBad was signed to before they had a fallout, was one of the persons of interest in the investigation.

“Azeez Fashola aka Naira Marley has been taken into custody for interrogation and other investigation activities,” Hundeyin’s tweet said.

Before his arrest, Naira Marley, who was out of the country at the time of the death of MohBad, had vowed to return to Nigeria to clear his name and help the probe into his former signee’s demise.

“I’d like to share that I’ve just arrived back in Lagos, Nigeria to assist the authorities with the ongoing investigation,” he tweeted on arrival on Tuesday.

“It’s important I do my part for Imole. I’ll be meeting with the police with hopes for the truth to be uncovered and for justice to prevail.”

The Afropop music star’s death has continued to throw up lots of controversies, sparking widespread protests and speculations.

The demise and hurried burial of the talented young artiste had seen protests in several Nigerian cities, prompting the Lagos State government to invite the police and operatives of the Department of State Services (DSS) to open an investigation into his death, with the first action being the exhumation of his body for an autopsy.

The suspicious circumstances surrounding his death also led to a trending hashtag, #justiceformohbad on social media platforms, while many Nigerians have called for an investigation into the death of the music star.

Others have also called for the arrest and prosecution of his former mentor, Naira Marley, with whom MohBad said he had a public feud following his departure from Marlian Records last year.

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Netflix documentary sheds light on 30-year-old Zimbabwe school mystery



A recently released Netflix documentary titled “Encounters” has shed new light on a 30-year-old school mystery that occurred in Zimbabwe in 1994.

The extraordinary event happened in a school in the southern African country where over 60 children claimed to have seen strange beings and a Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) that landed near their playground.

The schoolchildren had described the beings as having large heads, big eyes, and wearing tight black suits, adding that they felt a telepathic communication from them, warning them about the dangers of technology and the future of the planet.

According to reports, the accounts of the students were met with scepticism and disbelief at the time, but the Netflix documentary has more or less corroborated the astonishing encounter, just as the witnesses who are all adults now have continued to maintain their stories.

The new documentary has now given them a chance to share their memories and feelings about what they saw and how it affected their lives.

The documentary, according to movie aficionados, is a groundbreaking move for Zimbabwe as the world is now set to witness the “mysterious and awe-inspiring encounters that unfolded in 1994 through the lens of a captivating Netflix documentary titled ‘Encounters.’”

“This unique film not only delves into the unexplained phenomenon that occurred at a Zimbabwean school but also showcases the nation’s rich cultural tapestry and the resilience of its people,” a media platform in the country wrote in a review of the documentary.

“Now, almost 30 years later, the Netflix documentary titled ‘Encounters’ revisits this remarkable event and tracks down the witnesses, who are now adults living in different parts of the world,” the platform wrote.

“The documentary gives them a chance to share their memories and feelings about what they saw and how it affected their lives. The film also explores the broader context of the phenomenon, featuring other cases of close encounters from around the world and interviews with experts and researchers.

“The documentary is a groundbreaking achievement for Zimbabwe, as it is the first of its kind to focus on such an event in the country. It is also a rare opportunity for the world to hear the voices of Zimbabweans who have a unique and compelling story to tell.

“The film challenges the stereotypes and prejudices that often surround Zimbabwe and its people, and invites viewers to see them in a new light. The documentary is not just a mere exploration of the paranormal but also a testament to the resilience and spirit of Zimbabwe.

“It paints a vivid picture of a nation that embraces its past, no matter how unconventional, and allows its citizens to tell their stories without fear of ridicule.

“Thanks to ‘Encounters,’ the witnesses have been tracked down and given the opportunity to revisit those perplexing moments. Their stories are now being shared with a global audience, shedding light on an event that left an indelible mark on their lives,” it added.

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