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Egyptian archaeologists discover ancient golden ornaments in Tel el-Amarna antiquities site



An Egyptian-English archaeological mission affiliated with the University of Cambridge, has discovered some ancient golden ornaments in the Tel el-Amarna Antiquities Area in El-Minya Governorate, the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mostafa Waziri, said in a statement.

Waziri who said the precious objects contained a group of gold ornaments which were uncovered during excavations in the Northern General Cemetery.

He stated that the mission has been working in the Northern General Cemetery since 2010 in an attempt to study the quality of food and common diseases, as well as the social and economic situation of the residents of the city of Akhetaton (Tel el-Amarna), which was the capital of Egypt during the era of King Akhenaten.

Also confirming, the Director General of Antiquities of Central Egypt, Gamal el-Samastawy, said that the gold ornaments consist of a ring decorated with a picture of the ancient Egyptian deity of fun, Bes, another ring decorated with hieroglyphs, and a small necklace of hollow gold beads.

“It is worth noting that Tel El-Amarna is considered one of the most important archaeological areas in Egypt, as it was the country’s capital during the era of King Akhenaten, who called for monotheism and the worship of one god, which he called Aten,” Waziri said.

“Akhenaten named the city Akhetaton which means the horizon of Aten. In the city, he established many religious buildings for the worship of Aten, such as the Great Temple and the Small Temple, in addition to royal palaces such as the Grand Palace and the King’s House, linked by a bridge crossing the royal road used by Akhenaten to pass from his residence to the seat of government.

Akhenaten also built the Northern Palace, known as Nefertiti Palace, as well as many large houses belonging to courtiers and senior statesmen.

“The area also houses 25 tombs carved in the eastern mountain for senior statesmen and priests. These are large tombs engraved with religious themes representing the art of Amarna,” he added.

This is in addition to the royal cemetery, which is similar in its layout to the tombs of the New Kingdom in the Valley of the Kings, and is located inside the mountain, 15 km to the east of the ancient city.


Nigerian singer, Mr. Eazi, expands business empire, buys shares in South African basketball team



Nigerian singer, Mr. Eazi, has expanded his fledgling business empire after he announced that he is now a shareholder in a South African basketball team, Cape Town Tigers, based in Gugulethu in Cape Town.

Mr. Eazi who has carved a niche for himself in the business world as a serial entrepreneur with a creative and business vision, revealed his new business interest on Friday via his Twitter handle where he posted that he opted to purchase the shares in order to follow in the footsteps of his mentor, Jay Z.

The “I Surrender” crooner who is also the co-founder of emPawa Africa, a ground-breaking talent incubator program that funds and mentors emerging African artists, said he decided to buy into the basketball team in his effort to further reinforce his role as a changemaker on the continent by pushing the African narrative forward.

Mr. Eazi who is currently in South Africa on business, wrote:

“I read that Jay’z got shares in a NYC basketball team! So I had to do my own to ff my mentor!!

“Happy to announce I am now a shareholder of @CapeTownTigers, the best basketball team in Africa from now going forward! See you at the next game! Honoured to be part of The family,” he posted.

The Cape Town Tigers Basketball team which was founded in 2019, is currently the reigning title holder of the South African National Championship having won two consecutive titles in 2021 and 2022.

The singer who is a Forbes Under 30 alumni, is one of Africa’s entertainers with hands in different business pies and has been featured by the CNN, Rolling Stone, Billboard and Forbes Africa for his forward-thinking approach to business.

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Egyptian archaeologists unearth world’s oldest complete mummy



Egyptian archeologists have unearthed another “Pharaonic” tomb containing the oldest and “most complete” mummy yet to be discovered in the country, the Ministry of Tourism said in a statement on Friday.

The 4,300-year-old mummy was found at the bottom of a 15-metre shaft in a recently uncovered group of fifth and sixth dynasty tombs near the Step Pyramid at Saqqara, the director of the team, Zahi Hawass, told reporters at a press conference in Cairo.

According to Hawass, the mummy of a man named Hekashepes, was discovered in a limestone sarcophagus that had been sealed in mortar.

This mummy may be the oldest and most complete mummy found in Egypt to date,” Hawass, said in the statement.

“Among other tombs found was one belonging to Khnumdjedef, an inspector of officials, a supervisor of nobles and a priest during the reign of Unas, last pharaoh of the fifth dynasty. It was decorated with scenes of daily life.

“Another tomb belonged to Meri, the keeper of the secrets and assistant to the great leader of the palace,” he said.

“Numerous statues were found among the tombs, including one representing a man and his wife and several servants,” the statement added.

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