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Video: Dethrone heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua, tells life’s story, congratulates Oleksandr Usyk



In this video, Nigerian-British boxer, Angry Joshua after a shocking post-fight reaction where he stormed from the ring after the final bell following a grueling 12 rounds, returned to give a passionate speech afterwards.

Joshua tells the story of how boxing saved him from being jailed, he also congratulated the new Heavy Weight Champion, Oleksandr Usyk.


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Video: Nigerian troops in frontline, drink filthy water



As the fight over terrorism continues in sub-Sahara Africa, troops are being deployed to the inter-lands of the troubled regions in countries like Burkina Faso, Mali, and Chad amidst difficult terrain in the frontline.

A video has surfaced online showing the men of the Nigerian military sharing a drink of water that obviously isn’t potable.

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Video: Harvest Group spreads business reach to Zambia, launches foundation



Harvest Group of Companies Limited, has expanded its business reach which cuts across sectors like energy, e-commerce, logistics, hospitality, and infrastructure development in Zambia.

The Group, one of Africa’s emerging conglomerates, recently opened a chain of filling stations in Zambia.

The Group’s chairman, Ikoro-Ngadi further revealed that its commitment to human development has birthed the Harvest Foundation through which it aims “to incubate at least 50,000 small businesses across Africa in the next half decade “through mentoring, knowledge-sharing and financial support.”



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Egyptian police officers jailed six years for torturing man to death

Two Egyptian policemen who tortured a civilian to death in their custody have been sentenced to six years in prison...

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Recalcitrant Mali to snub ECOWAS sanctions on Guinea in defence of ‘fraternity’

Mali has continued its recalcitrant posture in the international space as its interim prime minister has revealed that the country...

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19 people die, 30 hospitalised after drinking contaminated alcohol in Morocco

At least 19 people have been confirmed dead while more than 35 more have been hospitalized in northern Morocco after...

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Kenya’s new president, William Ruto, walks the talk, cuts government spending by $2.5 billion

President William Ruto of Kenya has made another bold policy decision as he instructed the finance ministry to cut 300...

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Kenya prohibits LGBTQ+ movies from streaming platforms

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) has banned movies containing LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) contents from streaming platforms...

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Despite denials, new satellite images reveal Eritrea Army build-up near Tigray

Despite Eritrea denying that its army is not involved in launching assaults on Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region, new satellite images...

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Nigeria Decides: Ruling party candidate, Bola Tinubu, missing as political parties sign peace pact

As the 2023 presidential elections draw closer in Nigeria, leading candidates have signed an accord toward a peaceful electioneering process....

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Finally, trial of Rwanda Genocide alleged mastermind, Félicien Kabuga, resumes at UN tribunal

The trial of one of the alleged masterminds and financiers of the 1994 Rwandan genocide, Félicien Kabuga has gone has...

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Two Nigerian fraudsters arrested in South Africa over romance, Bitcoin scams

Two Nigerians suspected of defrauding South African women over romance and Bitcoin scams have been arrested by a combination of...

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Again, United Nations raises the alarm, says 200,000 face starvation as drought ravages Somalia

The United Nations has, again, raised the alarm over impending starvation in Somalia with an estimated 200,000 people on the...